Do you find time flies by? I bet you do. I’m sure we both are part of many realising that many ‘times’ in life.

So, here I am. More or less 12 months have gone by. Like a flash of lightning. It was around this time last year that I made a decision about my life: as a profession I want to work for myself. Shortly before that moment I walked out of a building I went to for 7 years every working day. I was there at 9 each morning (almost on the dot!) and left around 5.30 every afternoon (almost on the dot too!). And the 12 odd years prior to that painted a very similar picture – albeit with a couple of different companies. Please – don’t get me wrong, I did enjoy it and will always be thankful for the experiences and the education. That last day  I ‘left the building’ I posted on Instagram the best (of quite a few) inspirational words I got from the people I worked with…


Throughout the past year of my ‘next chapter’ a lot of things have changed – for the better I believe. I made many changes about my surroundings. To cut living costs included a house move, seeking and finding the best cost effective places to shop for everything and working out ways of surviving everyday mentally and physically.

As a very positive person in general, there are moments (quite a few I may add) where the self-doubt seep it’s way in. Not every, single day is an uplifting experience. But I also believe in ‘one has to go down before you can go up’. So when I come across posts on the internet like this one from Craig Boneau on Addicted To Success I am thrilled to see that there are others that have the same attitude and thinking like I do. This piece on motivation is inspiring and reassuring. Reading it points out to me that I am on the right road and moving in the right direction. I don’t have tons of people around me that constantly praise and push me forward. Most of that I have to (and happily so) do myself. Which is what I believe is a very good way to live life. Take a few minutes and read the article. All I can hope for is that you will be inspired – and be able to boost your self-believe and the trust you put in yourself.

The interesting part for me now is to see where I will be in another 12 months from now – and what I will be writing then. Who knows if I’ll still be on the path set out in my goals at the start of this journey. Who knows if my bank balance will be as low as it is today. Who knows… Who knows… Who cares? I do.

What counts is that YOU care about YOUR life. We cannot expect anyone else to do that for us. We have to do it ourselves. Take ‘positivity’ for a test drive and see what happens. Just remember that if it doesn’t work first time round, keep going. Being consistent in perseverance can lead to a million and one great things I am sure.

Here’s to another year! The promise I make to myself??… I’ll try everything and anything to overcome brick wall after brick wall. Onwards and forwards is the way to go!