‘What exactly do you do?’ I was asked this weekend gone by. Once I replied the next question was ‘What is reputation management?’. So when I came across an interesting article today I thought to share it with you.

Our world we work in (and obviously live in) is so much different than a few short years ago. The work environment is not necessarily a room or rooms anymore in a building where you have people sitting together working and all your clients come to see you there. Even though many companies have such a location there is a brand new ‘extension’ which has no fixed address. I am of course referring to the ‘world wide web’ aka WWW. A place where one meets more people than ever before. And the best is you don’t even have to physically move to visit them.

Online presence is very fast becoming a way for potential clients / customers to ‘research’ you. It is here where everyone can read about what, how and when you conduct your business. It also is a place where everyone can say exactly what they think or feel about your company. As exciting as it may sounds there is also the part where it could all go very wrong for you. As we drive ourselves forward into a virtual world it creates opportunities for others to comment easily. As lots of people already found out this can be very negative sometimes for no or very little reason.

It is always interesting how slow people can be to dish out compliments and how very quick they can be to bombard one with negative criticism and abuse. This is most probable the nature of many and much easier to drag someone down specially once they feel that they are not lucky enough to be on a similar path or mission. People will be people no matter how much we wish for better behaviour towards us.

At this point the article I refer to made a lot of sense to me. Many out there is sceptical of being part of the virtual, WWW world – and understandably so too. One cannot be too careful. Diving into such an environment should be done with caution. Quite recently it was once again pointed out to me that whatever is ‘said’ (in written form) on social platforms, stay around for a long, long time. Actually, it doesn’t go away at all even if you delete until you’re blue in the face!

Luckily there are many people like myself who take on the task of managing someone’s reputation in the virtual world with a professional attitude – caring for their client and their clients’ reputation. From a business point of view it is very important to be frank and open with clients to make sure exactly how they want to be seen to others on the web. A thorough discussion is order of the day at the start to agree what should be put ‘out there’ for the eyes of the world to see. Also, how it should be said and when. Clients (everything about them!) are at top of the list of priorities – not just when working on a project, but afterwards too. The relationship will be cultivated and nurtured, because one cannot for a single second think about only the ‘now’ of working together.

If the client and their reputation is managed well and professionally it will reflect in a positive manner on the business and methods provided. Which in turn will incur a positive response all round. And that is what the aim is here – to create and deliver a standard that will be seen and experienced as a positive attribute to any business.

Take a few minutes and read the article I refer to on

Let’s hope if you read all of this you can see the positive side of taking on board a professional service to help you move confidently forward with your online presence!