Does it come around quicker every year, or is it just me? Faster than the speed of lightning or within the blink of an eye, here we are at the start of another year.

I do mean that - I wish you all a truly, blessed new year. May this leap year be the one where you, me and those around us fulfil dreams, make use of great opportunities and most of all find what you’re looking for!

It was, as usual, a bit of a sad evening yesterday as the realisation looms and dawns on one that the festivities of the past 2 weeks are done and dusted. It’s all over for another 11+ months. First up this morning was to remove and carefully pack away all the glitz and shining bits that decorated the home so sparkling during the festive season. Once that yearly task was done, it was back to business - all stops go!

No better way to jump start a new year than to find that folder from last year this time where you put down in words that what you wanted to achieve. Revisiting goals constantly during the year is good and keep your plans in tact - however, looking back at them at the beginning of a new year is so much more fulfilling. To see what the ‘dreams’ were last year this time and then ticking them of one by one is great! Yes, and there is the odd one here and there that didn’t quite make the green tick, but hey, perhaps we all know they were a bit too ambitious. That said, it doesn’t mean they can’t be included again this year - one maybe surprised by what one finds by the time we get to this point next year! 

With a very productive first morning of the new working year it’s time to take matters in hand and really get going. There are some intensive goals put to paper this morning that will take time, effort and dedication. Three things that can be tricky most of the time, but so satisfying once they are firmly a focus point.  Putting down the goal is probably not the difficult part. Working out the action needed to complete and reach the goal can be, and is, time consuming. Then you hit the timescale column and oh boy… time to be careful. 

There has been times when it was disappointing to see that it took longer than originally anticipated to fulfil a certain goal. Over the years it has become clear to fulfil the goal is the important part and not how long it takes. The crucial part here is to keep your eye on the end result even if the road sometimes is rocky and wobbly. 

There obviously are also personal goals that have it’s place. Even though professional and business goals are imperative, let’s not forget we are humans after all. Hence a very important part of this yearly document is the section on personal growth - that what one would love to do this year. It could be something simple like planning a trip to a certain place or on the more serious side, a fitness regime, a change in eating habits, etc. etc. 

All in all, keep it real. Be realistic, yet ambitious. Think and dream big - otherwise you can just as well not bother. Most of all… focus focus focus! And don’t forget to live a lot along the way! 

Best of luck to you all for your plans ahead! 12 months sounds like a long time, but once the clock starts ticking it can be over within a flash. Let’s make the most of this year - after all we have one full day extra in 2016!