Do you like a bit of arm candy? Do you always stick to your usual look and type? Maybe the time has come for a change.

The Usual Suspects

There is arm candy and then there is arm candy. 

It is important when getting ready for the day ahead to stay in line and be consistent with your personal brand. After all, once you step outside there is the argument that you should make a point - a statement - something to be remembered by.  The fact is: what people say about you once you left the room is what matters. 

It is easy to stick to brands one knows and is comfortable with.  There is a distinct feel of trust involved. Maybe it’s the quality that inspires you - or maybe it’s because it always has the latest trend on the streets. It’s just plain easy to stick to what one knows. Question is, do you have it in you to broaden your look&feel? 

The Not-So-Familiar

The unknown can be daunting, however it also can be surprisingly exciting. The first step towards change is most likely the difficult part. Once you took that first step the rest is quite easy. Although it may go from bad to worse, the opposite is quite possible. Taking on a brand you’re not au fait with can left you at an indecisive T-junction, but it can also make you stand there going “I am happy to go either left or right”. Instead of brushing an unfamiliar brand aside why not have a closer look and see what it is all about.

At the end of the day the individual or company providing this new brand took time, effort and a considerable amount of money to get their product out on display. Exactly what you do everyday and every time you promote yourself, your service, your business. If the shoe was on the other foot you would love this new client to check you out

Your Say Your Way

As an entrepreneur you have control of a many a things in your business. The same goes for your attire of the day including the time-machine you will be sporting on a day.  Whether or not you’re lucky enough to have a few to choose from why not try a brand that is not your run-of-the-mill. Watches have been, and I think will always be, apart of one’s attire that finish off your outfit.  And like most other accessories, it’s a practical one too.

Even though nowadays you can check your mobile device in your pocket to get the correct time, showing off some stylish arm candy will make an impression - as much (if not more) as the latest device you’re carrying in your pocket. 

Something New

coolmaterial.com showcase 10 watch brands that may have passed you by. It is however a great idea to see what else other than Rolex or Patek is on offer. Even though these brands are perhaps not on show in the store front window it doesn’t mean it is of a lesser quality or will be inadequate. In fact, this could be the moment you stumble across the one thing in life that could make you sit up and ponder a massive personal re-brand. You can walk away brand new with an enhanced and improved aura. 

Not much leaves one feeling greater then when either familiar faces or new acquaintances compliments you. Choosing a new accessory for your arm can do just that. It can also open many doors for discussions. Especially if it is a brand that is not your usual. 

Give And Receive

Back to the ‘shoe on the other foot’ as mentioned earlier… in the early days of start-up wouldn’t you want customers to look at your brand and give it a second glance? Talk about being the new kid on the block… you are going to be that brand no-one knows about. You will be the un-familiar one in the room full of well-know brands.

Whether you’re an established brand or the newbie, let’s not walk by and not look at someone else's hard work purely because we are not aware of them. At the end of the day we as entrepreneurs have all been there before. We know what it is like to be passed by without noticed. That feeling of how tired one is coming home after a non-successful day attending an event showcasing your product or just having a plain, awful day at the office.  

Next time you see a brand for the first time remember your first time. Who knows, but it is possible that because you give it that tick or thumps up on a social site or as a walker by you just transformed someone’s day from miserable to magical. Now wouldn’t it be great to be on either side of that moment?

The power is in your hands. Use it and be clever about it.