There is that sound again… the indication of another notification from one of your Social Media platforms. Question is: what do you do?

Are you one of the 60+% of people in the world who immediately and impulsively grab your mobile and check that notification? If so, your dependency on automatically looking what the notification is about, may be an indication that you are suffering from what is called Social Media Addiction.

It is always easy to slap a label onto something, so even though it may seems straight forward, let’s dive deep into the what and why of this human matter.


To kick start this article, let’s see how explains the word, or symptom (as it is often called): “Addiction is the fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance or activity”. 

Take note, that the word activity is included in the explanation. After all, attending to your social feeds is an activity - something that are done fairly regular. 


Being spurred on by a post I read on It’s Time To Log Off it is clear that an overwhelming amount of people in the world are suffering from SMA (social media addiction). You may read this and think “oh well, this is not me”, but please take note: if you find it (rather) difficult not to respond to notifications by checking your feeds immediately or constantly recording/typing content for your sites, then it is time to wake up and smell the coffee. It is very possible that you are one of the 60+% in the world.

Let’s look at such a scenario from a different angle: how do you feel when you discover you have no signal to receive incoming alerts on your mobile device? That anxious feeling, together with not being able to post any content, can have a negative effect on your wellbeing. For instance, you may end up feeling down in the dumps, frustrated (to say the least) and/or even get really angry. These emotions, due to the lack of not being able to connect as such, spells danger. 


There is a possibility one can argue that the existence of social sites are created to get you hooked. Albeit this being a very strong suggestion, take a minute and think clearly about it. One could easily find some truth in that statement. Going back to the explanation of addiction, hooked is exactly how people end up if they can’t leave their devices alone.  

Time, within the technology world, luckily moves at a speed almost as fast as light. Nowadays applications (Apps) are created to help people curb the time they spend on electronic devices. Assisted by those within the medical environments, these helpers are there to do exactly that. The crux lies within ones own decision to turn them on

The mere fact that institutions are making decisions to create electronic help, can be a clear indication that the statement about sites vs deliberate, obsessive behaviour may not be as far fetched as we want to believe. 

Changing the screen time  applications’ settings to on is one way to minimise your activities online. Another very simple, and effective, solution is to take a firm stand and cancel all notification alerts. Of course this can be seen by many as a drastic measure, but let’s keep our eyes on the longterm effects. There are clear indications that your health will improve when one exercise less negative emotions in life. Specially when it comes to the dependency on feedback such as likes from followers. 

Obviously, when one cancels a certain daily ritual, a gap is created and therefore the need to fill it is inevitable. Why not get back to good, ol’ natural remedies such as go outside and breathe in fresh air? Pick up a book, read and turn pages with your fingers (instead of swiping) and better still… talk to someone face to face. Let’s be honest, the possibilities are endless. It is only a matter of looking around and not focussing on a small screen in front of you. 


“I am going to take a hiatus from social media” is a line very often used in social media posts. However, are many of those really sticking to their words?

But that is exactly what you want them to do, you may say pointing your finger at me. Yes, that is what I’m on about - however, my questions still remains: Do They Really Do That?

My believe is that many online influencers/activists, etc. are confused by the words taking a break. Time and time again I witness regulars on social sites claiming the proverbial gone fishing scenario only to discover a few minutes/hours later they are in full glory, camera front facing and happily chatting away live to the world. And where do I see this happening? On various social media platforms that offers a stories or live function, where else! 

That  hiatus didn’t last long, right? “No, no, no, Evan, I am taking a break from publishing any work related content. I am away with my family at a beach resort. I am teasing your taste buds with the delicious food we’re eating?” Or the other classic: “I am building my personal brand on social platforms! Presence is what it is all about”.

I am afraid such individuals need to stop kidding themselves. That kind of behaviour is not leaving social media alone for a period of time. Purely because you change your content does not make it less of a habit.  Publishing your absence loud and clear is exactly what it should be. Stick to your guns - most importantly, show your audience you’re a sincere human focussed on many other opportunities than the matter in your hand

Content on platforms are important, don’t get me wrong. However, the content  is not what causes the addiction. The inability to see the wrong doing, is the underlining cause for concern, in my opinion. The bottom line is to first realise the habit and how damaging it is - and only then serious change can take place. 

I will leave you with some honest advice: Take A Well Deserved Break from Social Media and do Your Future Self a favour. Ultimately, enjoy the sunset views… taste the delicious food… have a great, fun time away from normality. It will do you the world of good. 

And finally a cheeky suggestion: share those taking-a-break-memories with us all by creating and publishing a digital album on your return. 

As always, please feel free to share, comment or send me a message if you have any questions and/or can relate to this post. 

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And most of all… Thank You for reading.


Do you like a bit of arm candy? Do you always stick to your usual look and type? Maybe the time has come for a change.

The Usual Suspects

There is arm candy and then there is arm candy. 

It is important when getting ready for the day ahead to stay in line and be consistent with your personal brand. After all, once you step outside there is the argument that you should make a point - a statement - something to be remembered by.  The fact is: what people say about you once you left the room is what matters. 

It is easy to stick to brands one knows and is comfortable with.  There is a distinct feel of trust involved. Maybe it’s the quality that inspires you - or maybe it’s because it always has the latest trend on the streets. It’s just plain easy to stick to what one knows. Question is, do you have it in you to broaden your look&feel? 

The Not-So-Familiar

The unknown can be daunting, however it also can be surprisingly exciting. The first step towards change is most likely the difficult part. Once you took that first step the rest is quite easy. Although it may go from bad to worse, the opposite is quite possible. Taking on a brand you’re not au fait with can left you at an indecisive T-junction, but it can also make you stand there going “I am happy to go either left or right”. Instead of brushing an unfamiliar brand aside why not have a closer look and see what it is all about.

At the end of the day the individual or company providing this new brand took time, effort and a considerable amount of money to get their product out on display. Exactly what you do everyday and every time you promote yourself, your service, your business. If the shoe was on the other foot you would love this new client to check you out

Your Say Your Way

As an entrepreneur you have control of a many a things in your business. The same goes for your attire of the day including the time-machine you will be sporting on a day.  Whether or not you’re lucky enough to have a few to choose from why not try a brand that is not your run-of-the-mill. Watches have been, and I think will always be, apart of one’s attire that finish off your outfit.  And like most other accessories, it’s a practical one too.

Even though nowadays you can check your mobile device in your pocket to get the correct time, showing off some stylish arm candy will make an impression - as much (if not more) as the latest device you’re carrying in your pocket. 

Something New showcase 10 watch brands that may have passed you by. It is however a great idea to see what else other than Rolex or Patek is on offer. Even though these brands are perhaps not on show in the store front window it doesn’t mean it is of a lesser quality or will be inadequate. In fact, this could be the moment you stumble across the one thing in life that could make you sit up and ponder a massive personal re-brand. You can walk away brand new with an enhanced and improved aura. 

Not much leaves one feeling greater then when either familiar faces or new acquaintances compliments you. Choosing a new accessory for your arm can do just that. It can also open many doors for discussions. Especially if it is a brand that is not your usual. 

Give And Receive

Back to the ‘shoe on the other foot’ as mentioned earlier… in the early days of start-up wouldn’t you want customers to look at your brand and give it a second glance? Talk about being the new kid on the block… you are going to be that brand no-one knows about. You will be the un-familiar one in the room full of well-know brands.

Whether you’re an established brand or the newbie, let’s not walk by and not look at someone else's hard work purely because we are not aware of them. At the end of the day we as entrepreneurs have all been there before. We know what it is like to be passed by without noticed. That feeling of how tired one is coming home after a non-successful day attending an event showcasing your product or just having a plain, awful day at the office.  

Next time you see a brand for the first time remember your first time. Who knows, but it is possible that because you give it that tick or thumps up on a social site or as a walker by you just transformed someone’s day from miserable to magical. Now wouldn’t it be great to be on either side of that moment?

The power is in your hands. Use it and be clever about it.