Do you get the feeling (more than often?) that there is more, much more, to your life than your current situation? However, the target always seems to be just about out of reach? No matter how hard you try and stretch to reach it, it stays the proverbial dangling carrot.


From time to time we are being faced with a situation in our lives similar to a door being shut in our faces. This could be anything from a relationship ending to being made redundant from your position at work. Whatever it is exactly, one feels let down and disappointed. These are natural feelings, because we are after all only human. 

This scenario is nothing new within the world we live in nowadays. I am sure quite a few of you will be able to resonate with such a consequence. Perhaps with even more than one.


That is the big question. The short answer is: Make Some Changes. The long answer, I am about to explain to you in this article.

“But can I do it? Can I make it work?” you ask. So many times these are the kind of replies coming from individuals. Insecurity forces the mind to utter phrases like…. “not sure… don’t really know if I have it in me… I better not try again. I will just fail miserably.” etc..

Stop right there for a second or ten. I personally believe that You Can Do It. It is very possible for you to overcome hurdles and that can change everything in your life.

It is within each and everyone of us to do so and make positive changes for our lives. In order to succeed, the initial activity is to put your mind into starting gear. As the saying goes… Mind Over Matter. 


We all have a multitude of ideas in our heads. Those ideas have a name, they are called dreams. It is one thing to dream the dream and a complete different thing to achieve them. The good news is that your dreams are not only  possible, they are achievable.

Grant yourself the time to make sure your ideas are realistic though. In other words, don’t rush into making outrageous decisions. Seek and select sensible targets for yourself. It is here where you should learn from your short falls or perhaps that what made you end up being in your current situation. 

When it comes to a work environment, be clear about what you can offer a company when you’re looking at available positions. Maybe you can tackle the next relationship better by being less of one thing and more of another. What you should keep in mind is that it is Your Situation. Unique to You. Neither me nor anyone else really knows your current case. It is in the end, up to you. 


The basic steps are: Plan, Action and Execute. Planning what you want is however the easiest part of your future. Taking the next step is when you need to put shoulder to the wheel and start to do the work. As if this last one isn’t hard enough, the toughest is to carry out and accomplish that what you want. 

Now, please don’t let the above paragraph put you off. It sounds intense, but help is at hand. 

Whilst recently reading A Better Lemonade Stand I came across their Manifesto – which inspired me to write this post. In this short, but very powerful synopsis they nailed the issues regarding reaching ones’ ultimate goals in life and work.

I stand completely a 110%+ by the Manifesto so let me share my thoughts with you. The following points can be seen as a roadmap or blueprint for you to get going. 

Let’s take it step by step…

  • Start

- As mentioned, don’t just dream, begin by setting out a plan.

  • Move

- Take a step forward and keep doing it regularly.

  • Work

- Even if it seems tough, remember you’re doing it for yourself.

  • Setbacks

- All of us in life fail over and over. See failure as motivation.

  • Blame

- Do not do it, be responsible for your own decisions.

  • Give up

- Don’t even consider it. Learn how to cross barriers.

  • Decisions

- Go for the tough choices and discover awesomeness.

It’s well worth reading the full explanation here. Not just once, but treat yourself and give it quite a few good reads. 

Let it sink in and then read it again. And then, Challenge Yourself.  


As far as I’m concerned the most important moment should be when you take a stand and decide that you want to change your life and chase your dream – in other words, taking the first step forward. This is what is called Taking Action. 

The rest of your road to reach the end will happen. It will quite easily not happen overnight, but do your future self a favour and keep going and stay focussed. Also, remember that the wide and easy road isn’t always the way to reach the top. Most times, if not all the time, it is the narrow, winding, uphill path that will cause the most satisfaction in the end. 

Influencers all over the world will tell you that sitting back and just thinking about plans are not enough. We all have to get up and get going. A Dream without a Plan is just a Wish.

It also is very important to remember: don’t give up at the first hurdle. Setbacks, criticisms, rejections, fear, etc. in my book are seen as motivation - which will give you the drive and determination to keep going and get better at it than what you were yesterday. Ultimately, Don’t Quit – Do It.

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Do You look at someone known as a Leader and wonder what it is that makes them to lead You to work and/or life satisfaction? Are You intrigued by Leaders? Or maybe You believe you show possibilities to Be a Leader. 

The title Leader or holding a Leadership position very often applied to a person who, as the dictionary explains, is ‘the person who leads or commands a group, organisation, or country’ and is to take ‘the action of leading a group of people or an organisation’. Purely going on what this sounds like, it is obviously a very important role.

This brings me to the question, what are Leadership Qualities? Whilst researching this journal post I came across a tweet from someone who is an integral part of my close-knit community: Cherie Aimée. The video she refers to is a MUST SEE (if you haven’t already done so) for all Leaders or those striving to be one. 


Apart form the fact that Scooter Braun is a fascinating individual, his slant on Leadership is phenomenal in the video. It resonated 100% with me. Not for wanting to piggyback on his explanation, the topic is dear to my heart hence this article.

From the 6 Qualities of Leadership about to be discussed here within, the one Scooter Braun is very upfront about is exactly the same one that yours truly would put right at the top of the list: Integrity.


To get to grips with exactly what makes a great Leader, we must pinpoint the precise attributes of such a responsibility. Lets take them one by one… 


    The ultimate distinction here is that others must be able to identify with you as a Leader. Therefore strong values, strong ethics and strong character traits are required.  


The long and short of it is, having the ability to take something small and turn it into something big. Not forgetting to keep all those involved updated as changes occur. 


The focus is first and foremost on others - Every. Single. Time. Performance feedback is crucial and should be obtained regularly.   


The principal point here is to manage the emotions of others. One can only be successful within this realm by knowing how to manage ones own.


Having the confidence to face difficulties is such an awesome personality trait. This can be done successfully when the focus is on the journey rather than the destination. 


Lend a hand. Offer help. And most of all, be positive in doing so.


Now that we know what it takes to be a Leader, the question is: How do I incorporate these 6 points in leading the way? Without hesitation, please let me invite you into my world. 

Integrity - To lie is not for me. Ages ago I learned it is something utterly uncomfortable to do. Even when I know the truth will not go down well. There is no point I even attempt the disclosure of facts I don’t know/believe/understand/etc.. I’d rather be honest, than 2-faced. 

Vision - Visualisation has always been part of my life and my career. The strong believe is to see what you want in order to achieve it. The best way to create the picture is to spend quality time with your own mind and design your future

Humility - By putting the needs of others first, it honestly creates incredible satisfaction in the long run. Not only for others, but me too. By doing so, the outcome is very positive. And guess what? The return on your investment in others comes back tenfold. Win-win situation all round. 

Self Awareness - Emotion is an integrable & inevitable part of life. Personally, I strive to always remove my emotion from business decisions. That said, being aware of how to deal with emotions is much needed when you lead others. Once you have nailed this issue within yourself,  you can comfortably help others with theirs.  

Commitment - To see the whole picture comes easy to myself. Only then walking the path towards the end goal can be enjoyed. And once you enjoy the journey, the destination is a byproduct of your efforts.

Assistance - If the number 1 trait on this list is a personal favourite, then this final trait is the best one! Nothing beats being thankful and grateful for what others do for you. More specifically, how others support you. Throw in a great dollop of generosity and it becomes not very difficult to inject a huge lot of positivity into others’ lives. And that is what makes the difference - in life and work.


To be great at Leadership one must ultimately be in possession of the above attributes. It speaks for itself. Leaders are people that don’t Tell You what to do. What they do though is Show You how It Is Done. 

Within my Entrepreneurial Life the strive is constantly to help others move forward in a positive manner. Being in a situation where my experiences can be applied to the need of others, cause tremendous satisfaction. It also, time and time again, injects drive to achieve more personally. So all in all it is winning position. My clients and/or students receive fundamental advice and in return it shows me that I am making good use of my knowledge. 

Mentoring forms a crucial part of my business. When I started out I didn’t really thought that it is an avenue to pursue. However, it took only one mentoring assignment to made me see the light. It has turned out to be one of the most fulfilling parts of my business. Guiding others and showing them how they should proceed in what they want out of business (and life) is great. To stand back and see the great outcome when someone takes on board your advice is beyond thrilling. Pardon me for sounding over excited, but once you have been in a similar situation you will understand where I am coming from.

Leadership is a vital part of not only ones success, but also those of others. Take some inventory of your own knowledge, experiences and work ethics. If you feel that you can relate to the 6 qualities mentioned above, then go forth and be The Leader You are Meant To Be. 

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How often do the words ‘what a bad day!’ comes out of your mouth? It is an exclamation that is often uttered when one slumps on the sofa after another day is done. However, have you ever thought why it’s been so tough? Or far more importantly, why another bad day again?

When you live life like groundhog day the repetitiousness can cause huge frustration. Rightly so too. Having to deal with the same issue/s time and time again will most certainly drive you to a standstill. 

Don’t despair. Or give up hope. All is not lost.


There is a simple explanation for having to struggle day in and day out with the same disappointment in ones’ life: little, if any, personal growth.

A recent post by Coaching Positive Performance made it very clear that moving forward in life can be tricky. It is a very valuable article that within a few steps gives the perfect advice how to overcome such an issue.

The short answer is Reflection. One has to sit back and analyse why your day has been so unsuccessful. Also figure out what has made the day so tough and most of all prepare yourself for future incidents like it. 


Kicking back after a hard day is sometimes easier said than done. Specially after a day’s work you then have to deal with family or loved ones. Don’t get me wrong – having a home life is very important. It keeps your feet on the ground and put a lot in perspective. 

However, you may have to deal with even bigger issues when you get home. Whether that is attention to dish out, lending a helping hand or giving someone a shoulder to cry on. All such natural behaviours can cause you to forget about your bad day. It unfortunately also let you forget to reflect about and think what really caused your day to end up so stressful.

It’s here where having some me time is essential. Make time to look back and address the issues surrounding your day - those moments that caused you to end up miserable, irritable and stressed out. 


To rush the thinking or let us call it the analysing process, could make matters even worse.  In other words, easy does it. 

The article discusses 5 points that can steer you into successfully working on your Growth:


It hopefully won’t be too difficult to recall the moments where it all went pear shaped for you. Cast your mind back to the situation/s that trigger your negative mood. 

The keyword here is judging. Don’t tell yourself off for failing. It is important to look objectively at what went wrong. Only then you can work on how to deal with a similar situation differently next time.


Running the incident through your mind again with the knowledge of what went wrong, you can then establish how to act better and upstand the part you played. 

The outcome not only will be more positive for you, but will enhance the experience for everyone else that was with you. In general, next time you can create a much more pleasant atmosphere all round.   


Showing that you care doesn’t mean you should always bow down and agree with others. In reality it means you should stand your ground. However, how you do that is of essence. 

To grow as a person, it is important to be able to put your hand up and admit your actions were not in the best interest of others. Accepting your behaviour as negative is a very strong attribute to who you are. 


Being confident can easily come across as arrogant. There is a very fine line between the two. Self-confidence is essential for personal growth, but definitely without being aggressive. 

Let us remind ourselves that there is nothing worse to step on or look down on others around us. At the end of the day there is a huge possibility that you will need their support & help to accomplish your goals. 


This is the most important part when you undertake this exercise of how to grow into a better human being

It all boils down to this priceless piece of equipment we all have: the ability to REFLECT. Stop, ponder & look back. Listen, Learn & Move On. 


Combining all the pointers mentioned above and you are on your way to banish those words in my opening sentence at the top. It is at this point in life where we all need to be.

All of us are human. We all make mistakes and we all feel unhappy about it. It is natural and I myself fall victim to it. Therefore, let us not sink deeper into the hole a so called bad day created. Armed and guarded with the knowledge we now have we can attack not only our days to come, but every situation that life throws at us. 

This can only have a positive outcome to our lives. Let it not be said that we succumbed and accepted the world we live in as we most certainly do not want to be seen as weak – no, we only are tackling life’s little issues and turn them around to benefit ourselves and those around us. 

At the end of the day we will endeavour Personal Growth to the highest standards. By the way… You Can Do It. 

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It’s one of those networking events. To my left a conversation is taking place that is obviously going well. Over there a couple of people are positively scribbling drawings furiously on pieces of paper. Behind me is a well-known Entrepreneur complimenting a Start Up company for the excellent work they are doing. And here I am. Standing alone and sticking out like a sore thumb. I can’t think of anything to say to anyone. I am totally useless. Not worth being here. To top it all, it’s only 9 minutes into the event – another hour and 51 minutes to go. 


I guess the above situation is not unusual for many – actually, all of us (hopefully). Reading an article by Mark Schaefer about Crushing Self-Doubt it swung windows wide open for me. Moments of feeling that you’re going absolutely nowhere, stuck in a rut or even worse, the feeling of giving up, still pops up after all these years.

In today’s social society is it easy to come across many people that stand out as Influencers, Entrepreneurs and Self Made Millionaires. Start reading their blogs or listening to their podcasts it is obvious why they are who they are. They seem to have the know-how. They have the answers. Therefore, they are at the forefront of their niche. You only need to look at any of their social media feeds and the evidence is there – their careers are just perfect.


To make it even worse for you, these amazing people follow you back. They sometimes even like and/or comment on your posts. Even if you’re steadily building up a good bunch of followers it could mean being down and out from time to time.

First and foremost, you have to immediately stop comparing yourself to others. At first glance it will come across that these amazing people are breezing through life. They always look amazing in their live social stories. The words come out of their mouths like water of a ducks back. The truth is that they all, yes, each and every one of them had to start at some point – exactly like you. They have been where you are now. Albeit it be quite a few years ago now, but they really were in the same boat as you right now.


Ann Handley, a super successful author and business leader, has tackled this topic a few times. Imposter Syndrome is the feeling of being worth nothing, not a penny. Of feeling so bad at what you’re doing that perhaps you should just go home and get back into bed – for ages. She said that it doesn’t matter how good you are at whatever, there is a time and place for Self-Doubt. In Mark’s article Ann highlights how to crush that feeling. She points out that the best way to overcome such feelings is to embrace them. 


Now, that is what I call taking the bull by the horns and get a good grip. Yes, turn the tables on low self-esteem and negative thoughts. Use such a moment as an opportunity to work through such an issue. In other words, when it strikes don’t let it get to you. As Ann puts it:

  • It’s evidence you’re still developing as a person
  • It’s evidence you’re not full of yourself
  • It’s useful to determine your life path

The difficult part of dealing with inner emotions is usually the unknown. You have no idea what to do about it. So how can someone tell you to do something about it. Well, now it’s a different case, right? You now know two things:

  • It’s not uncommon to have low self esteem
  • It can easily be overcome


To progress and proceed on the path of an Entrepreneur or Successful business owner, one must take up exercise in various formats. There are mainly two areas in which you can develop a stronger You: the physical and the mental.

The first is quite obvious. Get yourself out of bed as early as possible every day and work the body. This does not necessarily mean trotting off to a gym and lift weights until you collapse. There are many ways of working out in the comfort of your own home. It also doesn’t mean you need to spend hours on end doing sit-ups or squats. As long as you can perform some exercises regularly it should do the trick. Head over to YouTube or Google and you will find plenty of examples for the level you’re at. Lesson to learn here is that you should do some physical movement regularly. It will not only do your body good, but your energy levels will shoot up drastically.

Secondly, work the mind. To prohibit Self-Doubt knocking on your door regularly get your headspace in order. Daily confirmations to oneself is the place to start and to continue with. Tell yourself: ‘I can do it. I am terrific’. Personally I live by various mantras however the one that stands out is ‘I can. And I will. Watch me.’  There are many of these sayings on offer. One secret though... when you Say It, Mean It.

Also, grab a book from someone like Brendan Burchard (The Motivation Manifesto), Norman Vincent Peale (The Power of Positive Thinking) etc. and get reading. There are also many blogs out there that will give you inspiration. Brian D Evans and Leonard Kim to mention a couple of my favourites. Reading is to the Mind what Exercise is to the Body.


Most important note is that you do something about bashing those horrible, negative feelings. As said, they will come knocking. They will pop up when you least expect it. Especially when your guard is down – they have a tendency to know that and strike fiercely then.

You are in control of Your Life. No one can do the fighting for you. It’s 100% up to you. And why would you want someone/something to take control of You. Be the Boss. Be Yourself. Live Your Life the way You Want To.

If you can resonate with the above, please feel free to leave a comment and/or share with others. We never know who might right now want some guidance. On the other hand, if it is You that want to reach out for advice, get in touch and let’s talk. 


Have you ever felt like just sitting back and do whatever it is you’re suppose to do, later? Do you get that feeling of ‘I really can’t be bothered to do this now’? Most of all, are you irritated with yourself for having these feelings and the fact that you then not get on with the task in hand?

It may come as a surprise to you, but the truth is you’re not alone in the world with this kind of emotion. Procrastination, or as the dictionary puts it ‘the action of delaying or postponing something’ is more common that you imagine.

It took me a really long time to realise that it’s a everyday recurrence for many – and that when it happens it’s not the end of the world! Time after time when this happens to me now I come out of the moment much richer and more focussed. Honestly, that really happens. There is a reason for your mind to slip into this kind of mode.

The general believe is that it’s not healthy to spend time with your own thoughts. Luckily, there are many more that believes the complete opposite. And I am one of the latter. Taking time out creates clarity in my mind and head. I reflect on issues and figure out how to address them and work through them.

Therefore I believe no one should feel uncomfortable and upset when this happens in their lives. It is nothing to be ashamed of. If you work out what the procrastination is about you’ll realise and see you needed a moment to make sure something is either right, wrong or can wait till later.

Reading the post by Ric Edelman on How Procrastination Can Help You Accomplish More confirms my believes. In this article Ric puts it very simply and to the point that it actually is ‘one of your most useful tools in the workplace’ – and I can’t agree more. I’ve commented before that ‘taking a step back’ or ‘get up and do something else’ more than often solves the problem. It was quite late within my career working in offices that having such an attitude became clear to me. Many, many times I felt that I need to address an email – or follow up on a voicemail – immediately. For example… a client makes a change to a delivery date bringing it forward with the notion it is now crucial to be completed sooner rather than later. Jumping in head first and start making the changes in your teams’ diaries, increase the pressure on suppliers, etc. in general cause havoc for everyone. Then 10 mins later, the client is back on the phone and now the deadline has changed again – only this time it’s pushed back with days! You go back to everyone, luckily with some good news, however the stress levels have already risen. On top of all, you interrupted that important piece of work you were doing and now you have lost your focus. Was it all necessary? No, not at all. If you only left the new instructions for a bit to ‘simmer’ on the back burner, none of the stress would’ve happened.

Don’t get me wrong, we can’t put everything ‘off till later’, but this is where the ‘focus and concentration’ comes in – and perhaps a bit of procrastination? Of course you need to address the issue and figure out if it is as important as they make out or not. I just found that most of the time it’s not needed to storm ahead and ‘fix’ problems immediately. The amazing thing about ‘problems’ is that they do have a habit of fixing themselves – specially if you give it a bit of ‘breathing space’.


Do you like the result of whatever you do to be precise? Is it important what you do to be in a particular way? Guess what… I can relate to that.

Ever since I can remember there has been an urgency to have stuff this way – or that way. As long as it is the right way. Not a millimetre to the left. Or the right. It needs to be… perfect! Many people in the world make fun of OCD. They criticise those to hell and beyond for wanting an object, a drawn line or dot to be exactly there. Not some place else, just… there! This has obviously spilled into my working life and have many times played havoc in my career. There are not many bosses around that has a ‘flare’ for OCD. In fact, according to an article by Jeff Haden Steve Jobs, and Why Perfection Might Be Your Worst Enemy’  ‘… you would never want a perfectionist as your boss…unless you too suffered from the same obsession’.

The read is a great eye opener to those that strive to perfection in every step they take every day. And believe me I know what it is like to only want to take a step if it is perfect. For a very long time doing anything perfect was the only way forward. It was the only way (I thought) I knew. Still to this day not many people will point out that there is no need to ‘make more changes, Evan’ – for whatever reason they keep stum. How wrong of them. Perhaps, in their defence, they don’t know how to handle OCD within people.

I am not saying that I made a 180 degree turn and now do the complete opposite of perfection – not at all. Luckily as time went by (and still does) I am coming to terms with the urgency, the need, the strive and the stress it can cause to create / deliver all and everything perfectly. It doesn’t mean I have given up on aiming very high. It doesn’t mean I deliver work to a standard of only a fraction of before. Definitely not. I actually now work harder than ever before. Apart from wanting to show and deliver to the client a great piece of work I also deal with that demon inside that constantly tells me to ‘do better. do it again. that’s not good enough. start over’…

To reach a state within myself where I am able to control the demands I put on myself is one of life’s best moments. It actually makes me feel more confident than before. It’s a tough lesson to learn, however what a great lesson! I can’t say ‘there is always tomorrow to do it again’ because there may not be a tomorrow. What is true is that I’ve given it my best shot – for now. That, however, is perfection in itself.

What could happen tomorrow or the next day is that there maybe something new that will look and work better than what I did today. For instance, creating a website today will most certainly have the need to be changed in a week, a month or 6 months down the line. So the time will come to improve and perhaps even better what I did before. The world we live in evolve all the time and as long as I keep up with evolution it will work perfectly for me.

All I can say is take time out to address the OCD in your life if you have it. Understand what it is, why it is there and most of all, tackle it head on. I believe the OCD-demon needs to be there to keep me striving for more – however perfection is not the be and end all of life. It only keeps me going.


Do you find time flies by? I bet you do. I’m sure we both are part of many realising that many ‘times’ in life.

So, here I am. More or less 12 months have gone by. Like a flash of lightning. It was around this time last year that I made a decision about my life: as a profession I want to work for myself. Shortly before that moment I walked out of a building I went to for 7 years every working day. I was there at 9 each morning (almost on the dot!) and left around 5.30 every afternoon (almost on the dot too!). And the 12 odd years prior to that painted a very similar picture – albeit with a couple of different companies. Please – don’t get me wrong, I did enjoy it and will always be thankful for the experiences and the education. That last day  I ‘left the building’ I posted on Instagram the best (of quite a few) inspirational words I got from the people I worked with…


Throughout the past year of my ‘next chapter’ a lot of things have changed – for the better I believe. I made many changes about my surroundings. To cut living costs included a house move, seeking and finding the best cost effective places to shop for everything and working out ways of surviving everyday mentally and physically.

As a very positive person in general, there are moments (quite a few I may add) where the self-doubt seep it’s way in. Not every, single day is an uplifting experience. But I also believe in ‘one has to go down before you can go up’. So when I come across posts on the internet like this one from Craig Boneau on Addicted To Success I am thrilled to see that there are others that have the same attitude and thinking like I do. This piece on motivation is inspiring and reassuring. Reading it points out to me that I am on the right road and moving in the right direction. I don’t have tons of people around me that constantly praise and push me forward. Most of that I have to (and happily so) do myself. Which is what I believe is a very good way to live life. Take a few minutes and read the article. All I can hope for is that you will be inspired – and be able to boost your self-believe and the trust you put in yourself.

The interesting part for me now is to see where I will be in another 12 months from now – and what I will be writing then. Who knows if I’ll still be on the path set out in my goals at the start of this journey. Who knows if my bank balance will be as low as it is today. Who knows… Who knows… Who cares? I do.

What counts is that YOU care about YOUR life. We cannot expect anyone else to do that for us. We have to do it ourselves. Take ‘positivity’ for a test drive and see what happens. Just remember that if it doesn’t work first time round, keep going. Being consistent in perseverance can lead to a million and one great things I am sure.

Here’s to another year! The promise I make to myself??… I’ll try everything and anything to overcome brick wall after brick wall. Onwards and forwards is the way to go!